Snow School Today

There was a lot of talk on the news today about schools geting the day off. In fact that’s true for an awful lot of my colleagues in other local schools. (Enjoy your day off YP!)

Would I get the day off? That would be an unexpected bonus. Very unexpected in fact, because I assessed that there was snow chance of it happening – we’re always open!

So I was surprised to receive a phone call from my boss at 6:45 this morning. Surely we weren’t closing? Mr TLC was already looking cheerful at the prospect of a snow day and talking about going for a walk before I’d even finished the call.

Sadly Mr TLC was disappointed. Of course we’re open (in fact looking at the list, we might just be the only secondary school in Sheffield that is one of the only two secondary schools in Sheffield that are open), it’s just that we’re opening a bit later than normal to allow staff to travel in.

The big question is, how many students will turn up? I could be in for a very quiet day.

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