A Thomas Crown Moment

Mr TLC was in no doubt as to how we should start our LOndon weekend. A visit to Tate Modern was definitely required.

So we trundled off to re-visit some personal favourites and encounter something new.

I was intrigued to see how many people still walk along the crack, or carefully step across it, even though it is long gone; leaving just a different shade of polished concrete where it was filled in.

Last time we there, it was late on Saturday evening and I was able to sit in the dimly lit room with some Rothko’s Seagram murals alone and undisturbed. I confess that I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but at some point during that unexpectedly private viewing I became hooked.

No such luck this time though, the last weekend of the Rothko exhibition meant lots more to see, but unsurprisingly it was packed. Mr TLC and I quickly became separated, which is not an uncommon event when we go to galleries; we have different viewing rates.

He was easy to spot though, wearing his trademark hat and dark coat – except it wasn’t him, it was another man wearing similar apparel. Never mind, there he was – except that wasn’t him either. Ah, spotted him this time, he’s over there… oops, no he isn’t.

I couldn’t decide whether there were several men wearing similar hats and coats, or if I kept seeing the same ones over and over. By the time one of them tipped his hat and smiled, I was sure someone was playing a trick on me. Then again, maybe they were all part of the Art.

Once I eventually found the real Mr TLC, he informed rather sadly that he had failed to pull off a Hollywood style heist, so we skipped the getaway scene and went for a coffee instead.

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