Wirksworth Festival-Part Two

Where was I? Some visitors turned up, so I’ve been a bit busy with other  things 😉

Anyway, here’s a few more bits and pieces from Wirksworth:

We went to see Niall Young, who was dotting away on Rainbow Warrior – I forgot to take a photo, but came away with a very nice print. […]

Two for Joy

We headed off for a short walk into town to buy some socks for Mr TLC. We were hoping to spot some of John Dowswell’s socks on the way, but we were out of luck. Better luck on the avian front though, with plenty of magpies on show.

I rather like the zip fastener on […]

Rolf Paints his Dream

Can you tell what it is yet?

With all the riches on offer during the recent Sheffield Doc/Fest, I could happily have moved into the Showroom Cinema for the duration, but alas, time and deadlines were against me, so I had to choose.

My choice proved to be a popular one. The promised appearance of […]

The Black Box

Sneaky backpost #1 We’ve got it down to a ritual now: check in, dump suitcase, go and say hello to the river. (Yes, I’m afraid I do mean that literally.) Then off to a pub that is blessed with a Very Fine Location Indeed for a drink (that’s drink as in coffee btw, it wasn’t […]

Wirksworth Festival – Part One

So little time, so much to do…

Sometimes we’re spoiled for choice, which was definitely the case a couple of weeks ago: would it be the opening stage of the Tour of Britain that grabbed our attention, or maybe one of many tempting Heritage Open Days? Alternatively it was Art and Architecture weekend at Wirksworth. […]

Heavy Plant

I wouldn’t normally get excited about some heavy plant in the middle of car park. I wouldn’t normally exclaim in surprise on discovering that it had been sitting there quietly, unnoticed by me for 20 years. But this wasn’t just any old heavy plant.

Finding it was a chance discovery. My legendary powers of navigation […]

Can you tell what it is yet?

I’ve shown you the work of various graffiti artists in the past, but here’s a name you might not expect to see: Rolf Harris. His contribution to Sheffield’s urban galleries is a self-portrait painted on a wall in Brown Street. Not all of the artwork in the photo is Rolf’s [you can see an […]

Paris Postcard 2

Have you ever met someone you know or spotted anyone famous whilst you were on holiday? Not something I expected to happen to me in Paris, but whilst we were strolling through Montmartre I unexpectedly glimpsed a familiar face.

Hiding down a side street and smiling down at us was the unmistakeable grin of a […]

Table Manners

I remember my parents teaching me that it was not the done thing to sit with elbows on the dinner table, not in polite company anyway. Oh no. That’s one of many little social conventions that seem to have gone out of fashion nowadays. Then again, maybe I don’t count as polite company, or perhaps […]

Treasures from the V&A 400-1600 AD

We’ve been meaning to visit the Treasures from the V&A 400-1600 AD exhibition at the Millennium Galleries ever since it opened, but it was one of many things that got put of until the school holiday. The title of the exhibition may not sound exciting, but the publicity featured a rather beautiful photograph of a […]