Table Manners

I remember my parents teaching me that it was not the done thing to sit with elbows on the dinner table, not in polite company anyway. Oh no. That’s one of many little social conventions that seem to have gone out of fashion nowadays. Then again, maybe I don’t count as polite company, or perhaps I just eat in far less formal establishments these days.

Meta Table Setting 3

No such foibles exist at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield, where visitors are invited to walk around on Linda Florence‘s Meta Table Setting. Mind you, it’s difficult not to; this large installation fills rather a lot of floor space.

Meta Table Setting 4 Meta Table Setting 1 Meta Table Setting 2

Linda Florence took her inspiration from the museum’s extensive metalwork collection, but her interpretation is on a rather different scale to the originals. I was expecting to see big, blocky silhouettes, but was surprised by the level of detail that is visible. Flocking is used to great effect to add rather beautiful patterns and textures to handles and surfaces.

It’s there until the 28th June, so if you fancy bucking social convention and putting your feet on the table, step right up.

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