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Sometimes I’m so glad that my camera is always in my pocket. This was taken at the Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris.

It’s just crying out for a caption isn’t it?

Any suggestions?


Things I have learned today, Paris edition

Tunnel related paranoia is much worse than being in an actual tunnel. You know that feeling that you get when the rollercoaster is about to set off? That was me on the Eurostar this morning. However the queasy and uneasy feeling did not last long: we were about halfway through the tunnel before I […]

Paris Postcard 4 – Time machine

As we headed home I decided to call Mr TLC.

“Hello,” I said in my best spooky voice, “I’m calling you from the future.”

Well, France is an hour in front you know. Surely that’s the future?

Paris Postcard 3 – It's a long way down!

Our final stop – and probably the highlight of our trip for most of the students – was the Eiffel Tower. I’d previously made it as far as the second level on a previous school trip, but insane crowds prevented us from ascending further on that particular ocasion. Well, it was 14th July.

This […]

Paris Postcard 2

Have you ever met someone you know or spotted anyone famous whilst you were on holiday? Not something I expected to happen to me in Paris, but whilst we were strolling through Montmartre I unexpectedly glimpsed a familiar face.

Hiding down a side street and smiling down at us was the unmistakeable grin of a […]

Paris Postcard 1

It’s amazing how long postcards takle to arrive isn’t it? It’s almost a month since I returned from my trip to Paris and it’s only just arrived. Amazing 😉

A school trip may be hard work, but it’s also great fun! We started off with a visit to the Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie. […]

That was the year that was: July 2007

July arrives. Mr TLC soon has no work to do. The mud has been shovelled into an seemingly endlessly set of skips. The insurance company has sent in a team to clean the machines. There is no sign of production restarting. Mr TLC spends his days at work reading books and listening to CDs. He […]

Souvenirs de mes vacances

When Mr TLC and I go anywhere there are certain things that I just cannot resist. I drive him mad by taking zillions of photos and buying far too many postcards. However, he is keener when I start buying local produce, although of course this can be a bit unpredictable. There have been triumphs, such […]

Seismic Sheffield

How very amazing – not only does the Queen mention Sheffield, but she informs us that “Today Sheffield is closer to Paris”. Bloody Hell. You’d think we’d have noticed a seismic shift that major.Actually, it is fairly seismic for those of us who live here. After years of the Sheffield – St Pancras line aiming […]