Paris Postcard 1

It’s amazing how long postcards takle to arrive isn’t it? It’s almost a month since I returned from my trip to Paris and it’s only just arrived. Amazing 😉

A school trip may be hard work, but it’s also great fun! We started off with a visit to the Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie. We had great fun in the shadow and light exhibition, then we went outside for a team photo. Of course someone spotted the nice reflections in the Geode and got a bit distracted…


Next stop was Montmartre to admire Scacre Coeur, admire the rather splendid view, soak up the atmosphere, walk down some rather photogenic steps and get our first glimpse of a distant Eiffel Tower.

Sacre Coeur
Steps at Montmartre

I think that some of the students were a teeny bit disappointed to discover that real life is not quite like the movies. We’ve all seen the films – view of Eiffel Tower= we are in Paris. (Similarly, gherkin = London, Statue of Liberty = New York, tall houses beside a canal = Amsterdam… any more suggestions?)

Of course, you can’t see the Eiffel Tower from every single part of Paris, but a first glimpse from the top of Montmartre seemed to make them very happy indeed.

I was also rather pleased to spot a familiar sight as we walked through Montmartre, but more on that tomorrow…

3 comments to Paris Postcard 1

  • San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge
    Moscow – The Kremlin
    North Africa – The Pyramids (and not necessarily just North Africa if you attempt to work out where the action in Transformers 2 takes place)

  • I am so very. Very. Jealous.

  • Ro

    Such delightful photographs!

    Big Ben also signifies London, as does the red bus, just as the yellow cab signifies New York.

    It’s always interesting to watch films in a city you know well. I remember watching National Treasure 2 and being completely bemused by the impossible route taken by the car chase around London 🙂

    And, my, I would love to visit Sacre Coeur again!