How Green is my City?

We’ve been doing a lot of urban rambling lately. I love the fact that I live in the city, but I’m just a few minutes stroll away from views like this:

How Green is my City?

Yesterday we took advantage of some evening sunshine and set off to amble down some of the small lanes and paths.

Road to Nowhere

We didn’t go too far, just up to what my friend Bob likes to call the Dead End of Crookes.

Crookes Cemetary

I took a self portrait.

Self Portrait

Then we headed up to Bole Hills to enjoy the view.

Bole Hills

Is Sheffield the greenest city in England? I don’t know, but it’s a great place to be.

4 comments to How Green is my City?

  • Ro

    As it happens, I was up in Sheffield yesterday. Well, I say I was in Sheffield: I popped out of the railway station for 10 minutes to photograph the water feature.

    But I have been to Sheffield on many occasions and, you’re right, you’re never too far from some of England’s most beautiful countryside.

    I grew up not too far from Sheffield in another heavily-industrialised city but it was also a very small city. Again, the blessing was that it took no time at all to escape to the Moors.

  • The water feature is very photogenic isn’t it? I keep meaning to grab some shots, but I seem to have a knack for timing my arrival to coincide with torrential rain, or with the appearence of large numbers of sports fans and policemen.

  • Ro

    If I can figure out a half-sensible way to display them, I’ll be putting some of the photos on my blog … watch that space 🙂

    {I’m not really trying to get you to keep visiting, honest!}

  • There are moments that I miss England, not many. But I do remember the times my mum would throw us out the house, with sandwiches and our bikes. We would spend the time cycling up to Ringinglow, or through the Ecclesall woods, or out to Windslow.

    And then I wonder about speling [sic].

    Anyhoo, yep, I always remember it as very green.