Things I have learned today, Paris edition

  1. Tunnel related paranoia is much worse than being in an actual tunnel. You know that feeling that you get when the rollercoaster is about to set off? That was me on the Eurostar this morning. However the queasy and uneasy feeling did not last long: we were about halfway through the tunnel before I actually noticed that we were in it. My legendary powers of observation strike again eh?
  2. Travelling by Eurostar is brilliant. No, really it is. Feel free to shatter my illusions with tales of strikes and snow on the lines if you wish, but my journey was fast and hassle free. Hmm, I’m starting to sound like a commercial for the Eurostar, so let us move swiftly on to the next item.
  3. I can just about remember how to speak French. In fact, I haven’t spoken a word of English since I left London. Go me. My French-speaking clean sheet won’t last long though; solo tours of Paris are great fun, but I miss Mr TLC. I’m sure that I will speak many words of English when I call him.
  4. It is impossible to take a photo of Point Zero without it featuring the feet of several fellow tourists. Think I need to use that nice little tool that got featured in the Photoshop CS5 demo, the one that cleverly clones the background when you lop off extraneous feet. Of course I haven’t actually got CS5, but I can dream…

Anyhoo, I’m having a very nice time, although sadly I will have to do some actual work tomorrow. Only some actual work though, I shan’t get carried away or anything. After all, someone’s got to keep those cafes in business.

[Uploading my holiday snaps on the hotel wifi is proving to be a trifle slow, so pictures will magically appear later.]

6 comments to Things I have learned today, Paris edition

  • Yay – Paris in the the Spring. Always good.

  • Z

    Entering the tunnel is strangely undramatic, isn’t it? I didn’t notice it either and had to make a conscious effort to look out of the window the next time to see when we were approaching it.

    Another great thing about Eurostar is arriving right in the middle of the city and just getting out and onto a tube or the street, no dreary ride in from the airport. Glad you’re having a good time.

  • Hope you’re having a great time. Lucky you didn’t fly! But, I hope you have your return passage booked…

  • Hoping the return trip somehow avoids the extra loads created by the lack of planes.

  • Ro

    Gee, thanks … I’ve been longing to go back to Paris for some time now and you’ve just piqued my desire yet further! 😉

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself … and I’m impressed you’re speaking so much French. I can’t help feeling I’ve become an awful lot rustier in the last twenty years!

  • Ah, Paris – I feel quite wistful, haven’t been there in years.

    Then again I am off to Lille in a few weeks to take a few photos and brush up on my French.