Rolf Paints his Dream

Can you tell what it is yet?

With all the riches on offer during the recent Sheffield Doc/Fest, I could happily have moved into the Showroom Cinema for the duration, but alas, time and deadlines were against me, so I had to choose.

My choice proved to be a popular one. The promised appearance of […]

Four Lions

A comedy about a motley crew of wannabe jihadists – it doesn’t sound promising does it? But I’d heard good things about it and besides, it was mostly filmed in Sheffield and I’m always up for a bit of location-spotting. Last night we finally set off to see Chris Morris’ debut feature film, Four Lions […]

Thou shalt not steal

“You wouldn’t steal a car.”Actually I’m thinking about it, just so I can escape from this bloody trailer.

“You wouldn’t steal a film.”

Is it just me, or is the anti-video piracy film bloody annoying? They are, after all, preaching to the converted here. I have paid to watch this bloody crap. And I can’t […]

Finally within my compass

Finally, we made it to see The Golden Compass. The film was going to have to be fairly amazing to live up to my highly elevated expectations and by and large it delivered.The book is long, has many characters and a complex plot, so some changes and omissions were inevitable. The film rattles along at […]

Not quite within my compass yet

It’s nearly time now and I’m so excited it’s unbelievable. It’s that over-excited can’t-wait-for-it feeling that I remember from childhood.I’ve got to wait another week for the film, but I’ve already seen an armoured bear! A giant poster of Iorek Byrnison, looking fantastic as he roared silently and unmovingly at the passing traffic. He was […]