Not quite within my compass yet

It’s nearly time now and I’m so excited it’s unbelievable. It’s that over-excited can’t-wait-for-it feeling that I remember from childhood.

I’ve got to wait another week for the film, but I’ve already seen an armoured bear! A giant poster of Iorek Byrnison, looking fantastic as he roared silently and unmovingly at the passing traffic. He was looking even better in action on the trailer on the official website*, dispelling the last of my doubts and leading to my current childish state of feverish excitement.

Originally I only read Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy to see what all the fuss was about once the Amber Spyglass starting getting nominated for awards, but I loved it. I really hope that The Golden Compass (based on Northern Lights) can live up to my expectations now!

*Unfortunately it’s a bit slow and over-Flashy

Here is a blatant and shameless plug, in the form of a trailer** (not a sponsored link, just my choice):
**Quicktime required

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