Wirksworth Festival-Part Two

Where was I? Some visitors turned up, so I’ve been a bit busy with other  things 😉

Anyway, here’s a few more bits and pieces from Wirksworth:

We went to see Niall Young, who was dotting away on Rainbow Warrior – I forgot to take a photo, but came away with a very nice print. We loved Lucy Gell’s whimsical illustrations – and I’m sure Mr TLC’s granddaughters will love the greetings cards/mobiles that we’ve stashed away for their next birthdays.  The granddaughters aren’t really old enough to appreciate Corrina Rothwell’s quirky humour, but we liked it – so that’s a few more greetings cards stashed away ready for the forthcoming October-birthday-fest.

We found Rupert the Bear in the maker’s market  (and yes, of course we sang the song – but only quietly, because we are very polite):

Makers marketRupert the Bear

There was a “SQUIRREL!” in a garden – one of several woven sculptures by Paul Higginson:


And finally, one of my favourites this year: Olivia Punnett’s ‘Greenhill Intervention’. Greenhill is a narrow street, lined with stone cottages. Olivia Punnett had painted lots of patterns of ‘light’ on the ground, as if they were shining out from the windows of the cottages. It will wash away, but it’s rather beautiful while it lasts.

Greendale with artLight patterns

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  • Oh! I’d utterly failed to realise you were sometimes posting these days! Lovely to see you again and see some of the things you’ve been doing.

    Hope OFSTED didn’t kill you off…