Wirksworth Festival–Part One

The Art & Architecture Trail is easily the highlight of the Wirksworth Festival, with a wide variety of buildings becoming galleries for the day and playing host to an amazing number of artists. We spent most of Sunday visiting churches, gardens, the library, tiny cottages, large houses, schools, shops and even the railway station. The array of work on display was as large as ever, with paintings, photography, sculpture, baskets, pottery, jewellery, quilts and more.

We also spent quite a lot of time soaking up the atmosphere, whether it was enjoying a cup of coffee whilst listening to a busker in someone’s gorgeous courtyard garden, dancing to one of the bands that took the stage in the market place or sampling the beer at the local brewery. Definitely an eat, drink and be merry sort of day. With glorious sunshine. And art.

Not so many photos this year – I was still getting to grips with my new camera – but here’s a few highlights:

Some of Duncan Thurlby’s sculptures:

CrabFishgorilla-3HoundphoneTitanicAnyone want some toast

Paul Smith’s work always makes me smile:

Paul Smith Sculpture 1Paul Smith sculpture 2

The local quilting group had a chapel full of beautiful quilts:

Sampler QuiltQuilting display 1Quilting display 2

But was the window display at the vet’s surgery just a load of balls? ;P

A load of balls

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