Didn't We Have A Luverly Time?

Some days are just amazing. Some days are packed full of moments to be seized and savoured; to be enjoyed to the full whilst they last and enjoyed again as they linger in the memory.

Other days are definitely more enjoyable in retrospect. Take, for instance, er… Friday 15th May 2009, the day that I went to Alton Towers with Y11. In the torrential rain. And in a thunderstorm.

Now don’t get me wrong here, by no stretch of the imagination has today been a bad day. The students have had fun, in fact they were absolutely determined to do so. Quite right too.
It’s been a good day, just a rather spectacularly soggy one; which is a shame, because this was the students’ end of school carnival, a last chance to party before those exams begin in earnest. It would have been much nicer for them if it hadn’t rained on their parade.

I suppose its all down to perspective. From my current vantage point, notable for its homely warmth and general dryness, my view of today is suffused with that all important feel-good factor. I really hope the students feel like that too.

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