Smokin’ Snowman

The first time I spotted her, she was very curvaceous, but noticeably lacking something. I idly wondered if my neighbour was sculpting Ann Boleyn, but then I spotted him making the snowball that was destined to become her head.

Her consort appeared the next day. Not sure who added the cigarette, but I think he […]

Hello Kitty

Looked out of the window to discover a surprising amount of snow on the ground this morning.

A few inches of snow may have made the delivery of Christmas presents something of a challenge, but it gave some of our neighbours the chance to build a very nice snow cat.

I had planned to stroll […]

They don’t make ’em like they used to

I was impressed with the finest snowman in Crookes last year; now some of his relatives have mysteriously arrived on our street.

I liked making snowmen when I was a kid, but I never made anything like these two. Snowmenpeople with legs. And arms. Wow. And strategically placed bottles. Hmm.

Still, I think they’re […]

Snow More

Dear Mr Snow,

I don’t know quite how to put this. There’s no easy way to say it is there? It’s been fun and we’ve had some good times, but we’ve drifted apart and I think it’s time we went our separate ways.

At first everything seemed fine. I’d forgotten how attractive you are – […]

There's Probably No Bus

Our roving reporter (that’s Mr TLC, who declined most emphatically when I suggested he might like to do a guest post) spotted this splendid figure of a snowman, patiently waiting for a 52 bus. Obviously our frosty friend hadn’t seen this (via @Rashbre).

He was attracting quite a bit of attention – the snowman that […]