Some snow, with scattered showers

Well that was quite an exciting day. And it’s not over yet.

First up: snow. There was none when we woke up. Not a single snowflake. Lots of ice though, so I decided to set off early. St Mr TLC decided to scrape the ice off the car for me. He looked out of the window. Still no snow. He went outside and about 30 seconds later I heard him knock on the window. I looked outside. Ooh snow.

Driving to work in the snow was moderately exciting. So was producing enough Mrs Bird hard stares to get across the school car park and into the building without getting snowballed.

Next up: the fridge. I arrived at school to discover there was a teensy little problem with the heating in my classroom. Namely that there wasn’t any. Brrr. To cut a long story short, my students and I wore a lot of coats, hats and scarves until it was fixed.

Finally the heaters roared into life. “Hurrah!” shouted the children! “Hurrah!” I shouted agreeably. “Yargh!” shouted the children as moments later a deluge of water appeared through the ceiling in one corner of the classroom. Fortunately no children were underneath that bit of ceiling. Unfortunately one teacher was underneath, but it turns out she can move much more quickly than anyone anticipated 😉

It’s one of life’s peculiar little coincidences that “Yargh!” was pretty much what the caretaker said moments later, when he popped in to check that the heater had come on and saw the lovely new water feature.

The weather man did say that the snow would give way to showers; how right he was. The thing is, I had assumed that the showers would be outdoors.

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