Not in San Francisco, but in Hunters Baa

Hunters BarMy quest for a wool shop turned out to be much easier than I thought. We celebrated the sudden disappearance of almost all the snow by going out for a walk, calling in at the aptly named Wool Baa at Hunters Bar.

Sometimes you just know you’ve found what you’re looking for. A warm welcome, shelves stacked high with gorgeous yarn, two nice ladies and their knitting at a table near the back, I was already hooked. Then, much to Mr TLC’s delight, the radio announced that Sheffield Wednesday had scored. Suddenly he was talking football with the staff. Didn’t think he’d be delighted to be in a wool shop, but he seemed quite happy. I think he’s hoping for a Möbius scarf.

Success. Think I’ll be visiting quite often.

2 comments to Not in San Francisco, but in Hunters Baa

  • ‘already hooked’…but with which stitch?

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Are residents of the Crookes Plateau Open Plan Institution really allowed to descend upon Hunter’s Bar? I will have to warn my friends and neighbours as many of us visit the shops on Sharrowvale Road on a fairly regular basis.