Do the Borg eat grated cheese?

How do I know that Mr TLC and I are geeks? Because when we first saw this building being constructed we said “Ooh look, it’s a Borg Cube!” Obviously we followed that up with “ We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Your technological and biological distinctiveness will be added to our own,“  because this is the kind of daft stuff we like to say when we see a giant cube in the centre of Sheffield. The Borg are the most splendidly scary Star Trek villains ever.

The Cheese Grater - the Charles Street Car Park in Sheffield    Cheese-Grater-2 

The good folk of Sheffield are renowned for being down to earth, so most of them saw this building in a rather different light. It’s known locally as the Cheese Grater. No Borg cubes for us. Oh well, I expect any visiting Borg will still feel at home when they see it.

Surprisingly, this landmark building turned out to be a multi-story car park, not something that is normally associated with architectural innovation. (Bravo Allies and Morrison!) 

The Cheese Grater has been part of our skyline for a few years now, but it made the news this week after being awarded the distinctly unimpressive title “third coolest car park in the world” in the even less impressive “cool car park awards made up by the marketing departments of a car parking company and a magazine”. Faint praise indeed.

The title may be utterly unimpressive, but I think the building is fantastic. It’s certainly the coolest car park that I’ve ever seen.

 Close up: panels on the Cheese Grater   Close up: panels on the Cheese Grater


It looks great at night too:

the cheese grater @ night

The photo the cheese grater @ night by Mike Smith on Flickr is used under Creative Commons Licence. Other photos by Lois Lindemann.

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