Just one of those days

It’s not been a bad day, there have been many good points. But it appears that I have not exactly been on the case:

  1. I arrive at school and discover that I am wearing dark blue striped trousers and a black jacket. This is not exactly what I had in mind.
    (Mind you, it’s nothing compared to the time when I was travelling to Previous School on the train and took my coat off to reveal bottle green trousers, a bright blue shirt and a purple jacket. My fellow travellers were politely looking away as they attempted to disengage smirk mode, at least they were until I said ‘OhmyGodwhatonEarthamIwearing?’ Dear reader, how we laughed!)
    You will gather that I’m not at my best in the morning.
  2. I have called a variety of children a variety of wrong names, but rather more worryingly I have greeted my colleague Mr T with the words, ‘Excuse me Miss.’
    Even that will seem like small beer when I tell you that I have called Mr TLC Alison. (Where did that come from? Evidently my brain is fried.) According to Mr TLC, I am only allowed to call him Alison if he takes up wearing frilly frocks. Oh well.
  3. I notice how similar my Sharpies are to our latest dry wipe board pens. I make a mental note to avoid getting them muddled up. Yes, you’re way ahead of me, of course I wrote on the whiteboard with the wrong blooming pen. Doh!
  4. I cook chilli for dinner. As I am about to serve it, I taste it. Bleughyarooooooo! Flipping heck that’s hot. We phone for a pizza. I’m not sure what to do with my vat of inedible chilli. Does that business about putting raw potatoes in to soak up the spice actually work? I’ll let you know.

And now, for an early night. It seems that I need the sleep.

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