Saturday evening was the big event of the weekend: Cirque du Soleil performing Quidam at the Royal Albert Hall.

I’ve tried to write about their shows before, but I don’t think my powers extend that far, so I’ve found a few snippets for you to watch.

German Wheel

I’m not sure that these grainy videos do them justice either, but then how do you capture the incredible skill and grace required to perform at this level? Seeing it live brings home just how fast that wheel moves, how close to the edge of the stage it goes. Being there means a thrill as you watch acrobats high above the stage, performing with a level of skill and assurance that means you almost stop wondering about the lack of net or safety harness.

Spanish Webs

Quidam will be toured around the UK, including Sheffield, once it finishes its run in London in mid February. If you get the chance to go, jump at it!

Someone has rather recklessly booked front row seats for one of the Sheffield performances. After watching the performers interact with those fortunate enough to be at the front last night, I might just be practising fading into the background before next time 😉

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  • I’ve seen the Cirque du Soleil a few times (London, Florida and Las Vegas, I think) and always enjoyed it.

    They have a wide range of shows but seem to have a few signature things that seem to pop up in all of them (even the Beatles/Love show has the little trains, for example)