A Room With A View

A Room With A View
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Sometimes when you leave things until the last minute, you end up missing out. Sometimes it works in your favour.

I had to go to London for a meeting at the weekend, I left booking a hotel room for Friday until really late. Unbeknown to me, the agency that booked the accommodation booked me into a ‘superior’ room, because that was all the hotel where the meeting was had left.

What was the difference? A slightly bigger expenses claim for a start, but also a fabulous view over London from my 12th floor vantage point. Plus I was whisked away from the enormous, noisy and very busy restaurant and into a small and quiet club lounge for breakfast.

This was very nice, but all the things offered in the club lounge at the expensive hotel (quiet restaurant, Internet access etc) come as standard in the perfectly nice, but much cheaper place in Southwark where I normally stay.

I don’t get this kind of view in Southwark though, there it’s either the car park or the wall of a block of offices, so I made the most of it whilst I could.

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  • What a lovely view! And from here, the thought of London is practically exotic! (London, England that is, not London, Ontario, where I went to teacher’s college, which, while very pretty, is very domestic…)