They're Back!

Weston Park Gates

As soon as I rashly commented on their long absence, they returned! On Thursday I passed Weston Park and realised that the gates are back. As you can see, they are looking pretty good.

The original gates were stolen in 1994, I’m pretty certain that these are replacements – I’ll update this post when I find out for sure.

However I have to take issue with the information monolith/minilith just outside the park.

Weston Park Gates
Terracotta park gates, posts and railings are a tribute to the Sheffield artists who in 1859 worked on London’s V&A Museum led by Godfrey Sykes, a teacher at the Sheffield School of Art. His work can still be seen, notably in the tea-rooms.

Terracotta park gates? I don’t think so! The pillars are terracotta, but most definitely not the actual gates.

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