I’m Free

I’ve been getting rather a lot of email lately. For some reason a great many people have suddenly gained the erroneous impression that I would like to carry adverts/endorse products/sell my soul at the crossroads.

Just so there’s no confusion:

  1. I don’t do ads. Frankly I consider myself lucky that Google/Blogger doesn’t force the issue.
  2. Even if I was motivated to earn some dosh, frankly there aren’t enough visitors to my quiet corner of Blogland to generate any. Besides, I don’t see the small but hardy band of lovely people who put up with my wayward posting schedule as being the ad clicking types.

So now you know.

1 comment to I’m Free

  • Right on. I’ve been to some of those bloggy events where ‘monetization’ pops up. For me, it sort of misses the point of doing some things just for fun.