The Best Laid Plans

Ginger Cat’s plans for Sunday

  1. Curl up and go to sleep.
  2. Actually there is no step 2, Ginger Cat’s plans were very simple.

What Ginger Cat actually did:

  1. Curled up and slept. Another successful day at the office for Ginger Cat.

Our plans for Sunday:

  1. Sleep late.
  2. Go out somewhere – maybe for a walk, or to the Continental Market, or the cinema, or… so many possibilities. What should we choose?
  3. Come home and play guitar (Mr TLC) or do a load of school work (Me).

What we actually did:

  1. Slept late (So far, so good)
  2. Got up and discovered that the kitchen flooring was slightly, well, adrift.
  3. Said ‘Gosh, heck, that’s darn annoying’ as we spotted the leak. (How can one little washer on a washing machine hose spew so much water out so quickly?)
  4. Went to fetch the mop and bucket from the cellar.
  5. Discovered that the cellar floor had acquired an interesting new water feature.
  6. Said ‘Gosh, heck, that’s darn annoying’ as we spotted the source. (Two leaks in one day. That’s not right!)
  7. Mopped up.
  8. Mopped up a bit more.
  9. Cleared off to visit granddaughter (Mr TLC). Skulked about a bit before heading off to do that school work (Me).
  10. Said ‘Gosh, heck, that’s darn annoying’ as my laptop crashed.
  11. Discovered that my hard disk was full. Eek!
  12. Spent the rest of the day clearing out electronic junk and shrinking overly large pictures. (Dropresize is my new bestest thing, highly recommended.)

Today seems to have escaped from me somehow. Hope yours was better!

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