Playing Cat and Mouse

cat cake 1 Apparently four marks a bit of a milestone: it seems to be the age when birthday cakes become Something Very Exciting Indeed.

The maker though it was a kitten, but the birthday girl declared it be a mouse. Who am I to argue? The main thing is that she loved it.

The only disappointment was the realisation that my ever-present camera had been left in the pocket of the bag that had accompanied me earlier in the day. Oops. Fortunately Mr TLC stepped in and snapped away with his phone. The results may be a little low on pixels, but they remind me rather fondly of the Instamatic snaps of my own early birthdays. Nice.

3 comments to Playing Cat and Mouse

  • I love the spiky red mohican haircut

  • Lois Lindemann

    I had transported the cake to the party with some skewers holding it in place. Can’t be too careful, especially given the number of potholes and speed humps that we encountered on our journey.

    When we arrived, we carefully removed the skewers before going in, not wishing to upset the birthday girl by turning up with a kitty cake with skewers sticking out of its head.

    Birthday Girl promptly proceeded to shove birthday candles into the cat/mouse’s head. She’s obviously made of sterner stuff than we realised!

  • That kitten look awesome.