2012: That was the year that was…

It’s been an eventful year – but I’m sure that’s true for everyone. Despite the normal good intentions, I’ve barely posted, so here’s a quick catch up on the big events:

Mr TLC was declared recovered and discharged from the hospital back in March. We celebrated by buying Mr TLC a new bike. His return to fitness has been slow (the consultant did add that Spring 2013 will be better than Spring 2012), but Mr TLC has now clocked up around 1800 miles on the new bike. Not bad for a man who spent the previous cycling season on the sofa.

My Mum spent several months in hospital following her stroke earlier this year, but she’s now home. Not fully recovered, but fully home.

Some idiot decided that she could do two modules of her MEd at once. Foolish woman! As it turns out, it is possible to do two modules at once, just not to do them well. I passed, but I won’t be repeating that mistake.

Oh, hang on a minute, I’m doing MEI’s Teach A Level Maths course AND my final Open University MEd module this year. Oh. Oops. In my defence, they do fit together nicely, without the two assignments-due-at-once thing that caught me out last year. Yeah right. Who am I kidding?

Anyhoo, 2012 may not have been the best year for me, but it was far from being the worst. Just another eventful year, but hey, that’s life. I wonder what’s next?

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