Perpetual insanity machine

Charlie in treeI may have been the only person in the country who was delighted by the arrival of torrential rain today. Torrential rain at about lunchtime? That’ll be perfect.

In not entirely unrelated news, we have been trying to get Ginger Cat to the vet for some time. His vaccination boosters are due, but every time we book an appointment for him, the weather warms up and Ginger Cat moves outdoors and disappears. I think he’s related to the Cheshire Cat.

Not to be outwitted by a small furry creature, we formed a cunning plan. We waited until the weather forecast was looking very, very wet. Ginger Cat hates being out in the rain. He always comes inside. We booked an appointment at the vet for early this afternoon.

Mr TLC advised me to hope for rain around lunchtime. Rather obligingly, it rained and rained and rained. “Aha!” I thought, “That’ll get Ginger Cat to go home.”

Ginger Cat did not appear.

Mr TLC tried all his best cat summoning tricks. He rattled the food dishes. He made tuna sandwiches for his lunch, something that normally causes the prodigal cat to fly in through the cat flap.

Ginger Cat did not appear.

Mr TLC pretended to go out. Ginger Cat loves to follow us, mewing piteously and being hard to leave.

Ginger Cat did not appear.

Mr TLC eventually gave up and rang the vet to offer yet another set of apologies.

Ginger Cat finally strolled in at around the time the vet closes for the evening. The cat that had supposedly been outside in the rain was warm, dry and not even slightly hungry. Hmm. That is suspicious. I think Ginger Cat shall henceforth be known as Charlie Twohouses.

What’s that quote about insanity? Doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results?

That’ll be us. We’ve booked another vet’s appointment for Charlie Twohouses tomorrow. Let’s hope it rains!

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