Letting go

Woke up this morning (no, this isn’t a blues song) and felt like myself for the first time in ages. I feel relaxed and calm and it’s made me realise just how wound up I’ve been in recent months.

I started 2020 feeling worried about my diagnosis and treatment. I was starting chemo-immunotherapy and having […]

Spanner, meet works

Sometimes the best plans don’t survive contact with reality, especially when reality decides to shift. But I’m counting our blessings. We’re in decent health (aside from a touch of lymphoma, which is improving.) We have savings that we can manage to live off for a surprisingly long time – which is good, because all of […]

02 of 52 mini-adventures: I become radioactive! For science!

I’m making 2020 a year of 52 mini-adventures. These might be new experiences, fun things to do or challenges to complete. Will I reach my goal of 52? I hope so, but the most important thing is to have an interesting time trying new things.

To be honest, this wasn’t on my bucket list. This […]