Just Say No!

Apparently today is the day for popping the question to your man. I had forgotten about that particular tradition until I read a reminder in the paper yesterday.

It made me think about a couple who were regulars in a pub I used to work in years ago. They had been together for years, they had three kids (one his, one hers, one theirs – to paraphrase their own description) and despite pretending to fall out from time to time, they were obviously devoted to each other – you could tell from the way they talked together, laughed together. Once a year (I think it was on Valentine’s Day) he would drop onto his knees in the middle of the Tap Room at the pub and propose. She would shriek with laughter, complain that he did the same thing every year and refuse him. He would then stand up, laughing and say “You’ve got to ask!”

She never proposed to him on February 29th though. After all, he might have said “Yes!”

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