Please leave your message after the beep

Hi, this is Three-Legged Cat. I’m sorry I’m not available to ramble on about life, the universe and everything at the moment.

Partly I’m finding that travelling to and from work taking a touch longer than usual bloody ages at the moment. However, there’s only two days left until half term, so a respite awaits.

It’s also one of those times of year when I’m a bit busy doing my *part time paper round* which is a rather time consuming task.

However we will not mention the potential blogging time wasted when someone messed up her nice newish laptop and caused it to stop working. Nor will we repeat the rude words she uttered when she realised what she’d done and how long it would take to sort out. Oops. Good job I bought Mr TLC his own laptop, otherwise I couldn’t have nicked borrowed it and that *paper round* would have been somewhat impossible.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back in a couple of days. In the meantime, you can find me lurking around your blogs. Or rattling on via Twitter, pretending I’m working. 😉

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