The Long and Winding Roads

Way back in the time known as 2007, Mr TLC and I spent a few happy evenings in the televisual company of Mr Robbie Coltrane, as he wended his way from London to Glasgow via the nation’s B-roads.

Actually, the London to Glasgow business was a little misleading, since Robbie’s journey took him veering from one side of the country to the other and back again. But hey, it was only a TV show, we didn’t need geographical or temporal realism.

What we did get was a wonderful pastiche of people and places. We loved it.



We’ve always been tempted to follow in Mr Coltrane’s footsteps and set off on a B-Road odyssey of our own. Tomorrow we’re actually doing it: a trip that will start with the dish of the day, before taking us to meet some charming folk and ending on a high point. 

It’s the silliest day out that I’ve ever planned. Can’t wait.

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