Odds and Ends

Today marked the end, in some cases.

Firstly I had my last ever lessons with two of my Y11 classes. I usually feel a bit sad when we get to this stage, especially when I’ve taught the kids for a long time. Not this time. I wonder why?

Then the end of an era – GCSE maths coursework is going, going, gone. We sorted out and packaged up our last ever sample of work for moderation today. I should have felt relieved, or something, at the end of this annual chore, but I didn’t. It just felt like any other day at work.

The best part of today was sitting outside in the garden when I got home from work. I enjoyed doing that.

1 comment to Odds and Ends

  • I know of several schools where this current Y11 are a nightmare. What happened the year they were born?

    More sun for the weekend. Enjoy. And think of those little ‘orrors having to revise 🙂

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