Almost Impossible

Did you say one? Doh!

Come on, have another go. You can do it – think laterally- how many holes in A POLO?
Still don’t get it? Look at the letters, some of them have holes…
Got it? Well done.

If you got this straight away you are either
A: Much cleverer than me or
B: A fan of the Impossible Quiz or
C: Both of these.

According to the instructions, the questions are far from easy. Some require insane logic whilst others are down to guessing (which is a shame – I’d prefer something I knew I could puzzle out eventually). However pun-derful questions such as “Choose Food” (that’ll be teeth then…) or click the answer (literally) make the Impossible Quiz strangely addictive. I’m not sure how many questions there are (I haven’t made it to the end yet), but some of my students (who have finished it and obviously have too much time on their hands) tell me it is 100 or more.

Time to spare/waste/fill? Why not try it for yourself.
(You will need Flash Player 7 and a fast connection/some patience – it’s a big file!)

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