Reasons to be Cheerful

Five things that made me smile today:

  1. The sticker on the that white van I followed on the way to work: Driven Well? Please call the police, it must have been stolen!
  2. The Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek impressions that one of my students kept coming out with today. (Ah young paduin learners, Mrs TLC explain that she will.)
  3. A very expensive looking BMW pulling over with clouds and clouds and clouds of steam belching out from under the bonnet. (I know, it’s not nice to laugh at this one, but somehow I couldn’t help myself…)
  4. Ginger Cat sitting on Mr TLC’s lap and wrapping one paw around one of Mr TLC’s fingers.
  5. Mr TLC’s terible old jokes. (Husband says to wife “Fancy a quickie?”, the wife replies “As opposed to what?”). It’s my fault, I bought him the enormous joke book for his birthday!

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