I am Scrooge (apparently)

Apologies in advance to anyone who isn’t, but as of this afternoon I am officially taking it easy for two weeks – and very splendid it is too. Relaxed smug mode has set in.

Actually, I’m quite relieved that this term has finished, it seems to have been more and more of an uphill struggle with some of my classes as Christmas approached.

“Are we doing something fun this lesson?”
“Yes, we’re learning how to solve equations, what could be more fun than that?”
“Aw, Miiiiss…”

However, I have been (as described by my students) a total Scrooge. We continued normal lessons, right up to the bitter end; which in the case of my school was at morning break today.

“But it’s our last lesson”
“Yes, that’s right it’s your last lesson, not the first day of your holiday.”
“Aw, Miiiiss…”

After the morning break great silliness occurred in the form of pantomimes, parties and eating too much chocolate. (Healthy eating guidelines appear to have been overlooked where prizes and end of term parties are concerned.)

“Dave nicked my chocolate”
“Give it back please Dave.”
“Aw, Miiiiss…”

We even got to leave school early at the end of it all!

It isn’t that I go out of the way to annoy my students, by actually expecting them to learn stuff; but these are secondary school students, and it is the older ones that seem to do the most moaning. I’m not quite sure why so many students seem to think that normal service should be suspended for two or more weeks at the end of every term in order to play games and watch films that they’ve all seen dozens of times already.

Anyway, it’s all over until January. I like my job. but I like my holidays a whole lot more! I now have 16 whole days of doing nothing stretching ahead. Bliss, bliss, bliss.

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