Thank you very much

Tuesday 8th January 2008 would have been Elvis Presley’s 73rd birthday, but for the tiny detail that he departed this world 30 years ago. However death has been no barrier to success for Elvis: he has sold records, earned a fortune and even been on tour, so a small thing like a birthday party shouldn’t prove a problem.

The Fox and Duck in Broomhill celebrated the event with a band (playing hits by Elvis, Bob Dylan and Many More) and an Elvis karaoke. I’m not keen on Elvis and I can’t stand karaoke, so naturally I found myself saying “Thank you very much, I’ll be there,” when I was invited to this event.

The best thing about the karaoke was that it was short. The best part of the karaoke was the end. The best thing about the evening was the band. The band were definitely not a tribute band. The band were BRILLIANT.

A band who have chosen to call themselves Mystery Train (at least they were called that last night, whether it’s a regular name or not I couldn’t say) sound like they will be a tribute band. What they turned out to be were three great musicians, who played songs ranging from Mystery Train (of course) to Johnny B Goode, from Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright to The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, often playing classic songs in their own distinctive style. Just a hint of Elvis and Dylan, but plenty of the “Many More”.

The Landlord persuaded them to play for longer. Then we all shouted and cheered for more. What a brilliant evening. Definitely worth venturing out in the rain and snow for. If only all pub bands were like this.

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