Home Movie

My new toy has arrived.

My trusty and faithful little camera has finally decided to call it a day. Actually that’s not quite true – it still does point and click, but manual settings and video are no longer an option, plus the zoom and power switches have been getting a bit dodgy for a while now, so all in all a good excuse for buying a new one.

I can’t complain, I’ve had the old camera for years and it’s been in just about constant use: it was small enough to take it everywhere, so I did. It’s been on holiday with us, gone to the pub and had beer spilt on it, spent days in damp rucksacks, got dropped on the floor, got soaking wet in a canoe and been used by countless students. It was incredibly reliable and took great pictures even in my drunken hands. I loved my trusty little camera, so naturally I bought the updated model to replace it.

The new one has a host of confusing new features, including a stop frame mode on the video. Seeing the opportunity to make a name for myself as a creator of hilarious videos I set it up to video Ginger Cat who was blithering about being startled by familar objects, as is his habit. He is lovely, but mad. By the time I had worked out how to start the recording Ginger Cat had curled up to sleep. I waited for him to move about, but he didn’t even twitch a whisker. In fact he was so still I went over to check that he was still breathing. He was.

So my first attempt at home movie making was a video of a totally motionless cat.

Steven Spielberg has nothing to fear from me.

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