AniseAnother weekend, another chocolate shop. Anyone reading this blog would think I am obsessed with chocolate.

This week we paid a visit to Anise on Glossop Road in Broomhill, Sheffield. From the outside, the shop looks fairly ordinary, even a little shabby, although the troughs of spring flowers outside the window do give a hint of what’s to come.

Once you go inside everything is exceptionally pretty, with glass shelves and counters used to display beautifully presented chocolates and greetings cards. The shop’s main speciality are Belgian chocolates, sold either loose in a bag or packed into a posh box. At the moment Anise also has amazing displays of Easter eggs in every colour imaginable, but these aren’t branded eggs; think marbled colours on white chocolate or vivid coloured foils wrapped round milk or dark chocolate eggs.

Of course, being full of chocolate means the shop smells fantastic, another incentive to start buying the goods!

Belgian ChocolatesMr TLC and myself are not particularly compatible where chocolate is concerned, he prefers milk or white chocolate, but I’m definitely a fan of dark chocolate. Of course he can also eat a lot more of the stuff than I can, or at least he can do so without piling on the pounds. What does this mean? It means we bought twice as much as we needed to, on the pretext of each choosing something.

The real triumph was one of Mr TLC’s choices, raspberry ganache: a thin shell of white chocolate around a dark chocolate filling, flavoured with raspberry. They were gorgeous. I know what I’ll be buying next Saturday!

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