Go Phoebus!

Jen left this comment on my post about life with a three legged cat:

“I own a three-legged cat named Phoebus. Unlike some others here, he was born this way so he doesn’t know any different. Still, three-legged cats (and other quadrupeds I suppose) are amzingly agile and, in Phoebus’ case, are only set back a teensy bit in terms of their ability to jump higher than 3 feet. He surprises us everyday and we have also stopped worrying about how safe he’ll be outside.

So, now I will be truly sappy and plug my video of Phoebus when he finally figured out how to jump up on the deck rail last summer. Warning: unless you’re a fan of horrible singing, I would turn the sound off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I’m impressed with Phoebus, he is really agile. Not only can he jump (which is pretty difficult for a three legged cat) but he can land – without falling off . Something that my own three legged cat always struggled to do.

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