We encountered an endangered species yesterday evening.

Name: Undercover (important warning to those following this link: beware eye-watering colour scheme!)
Habitat: Local Pub
Description (mine): Local band playing covers of assorted rock songs by the Chili Peppers, Kaiser Chiefs, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Snow Patrol, Spin Doctors etc
Description (theirs): Sheffield 4 piece covers band with an indie groove and occasional ‘rawk’ tendency. Need a warm up act? Need a prom act? Need a knees up act? Bars, parties and balls. Give us a call!

A covers band is becoming quite a rare sight around here. Even The Boardwalk is awash with tribute bands these days.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Undercover. They were pretty good actually – despite the fact that were more than a few technical difficulties during their first set. This wasn’t the band’s fault – the Student Union’s sound people/equipment weren’t up to normal standards, but fortunately they got everything sorted eventually.

Despite getting lumbered with some dodgy sound engineering, Undercover delivered the goods, right from the first song. They played loads of songs that everyone recognised, which is exactly what you want at this type of gig. We sang along enthusiastically, as did quite a few other punters. We were wildly off key and forgot half the words, as did quite a few other punters. We didn’t care, cos we were enjoying ourselves, as were the band and the other people in the audience.

We made sure that we told Landlord John that we’d enjoyed the gig; lets hope he books them again.

Mr TLC was in fine form. When we arrived, the band was sound-checking. Then the guitarist played one chord. “Whiskey in the Jar,” said Mr TLC. And it was. (He’s a lethal weapon in a pub music quiz you know.)

The drummer taps out 3 beats at the start of another song. “Live Forever,” says Mr TLC. And it was. If Name That Tune ever gets resurrected, I’m signing him up.

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