Back to School

It is amazing how much work I can get done when I don’t have to teach. (It is also amazing how much is still left to do and how close that deadline is, but we’ll gloss over that.) Four of us from school spent the day working on a major project to develop online resources, but despite the fact that we worked almost non-stop we’ve barely made a dent in the work that needs to be completed.

I think this is becoming a bit of an obsession, because as soon as I got back home I was back to work, and (ta, dah!) I have completed enough drawing, animating and scripting for my first game to work. Can I just say that again – it works! My trusty teach yourself action script book is proving to have been a good investment. The game is not exactly a masterpiece – it looks as if it dates from the 1980s and still isn’t finished, but I’ve managed to get the right things to drag around the screen and the scores are working, so hopefully sorting out the last bits and pieces will be plain sailing.

My delight at having got one activity working is tempered by the awareness that are a lot of others that I still haven’t started. There was originally going to be a team of three of us working on my part of this project, but somehow I’ve ended up being in a team of one. Hmm, I need either a TARDIS or a more realistic deadline.

Anyway, my little respite from normality is over, it’s back to school tomorrow for me. I’m going to teach some actual lessons, so my career as a designer of retro-style naff educational games is on hold for a day or two.

(Only eight more get-ups now.)

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