Bubble Wrap, Washing Up Bottles and Jelly Babies

As a kid I loved Dr Who, but then, who didn’t? I never hid behind the sofa, but I often hid my face behind a cushion. If I can’t see the scary aliens, then they can’t see me, right?

But there was one Dr Who adventure that I never watched until the end. The sight of a big, sparkly slug crawling along the corridors of The Ark in Space was enough to send me running out of the room. I was too terrified to return and watch the rest of it.

We’ve just watched it on the Sci-Fi channel, but I’m sure this can’t be the original version. Someone has replaced the giant, scary slug with a man wrapped up in green bubble wrap. The totally convincing space station has been substitued by a wobbly model. And the miraculous second ship has transmogrified into a washing-up liquid bottle! Or maybe I just don’t have such an over-active imagination these days.

Jelly baby anyone?

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