Still here!

I. Am. Cream. Crackered.

Remind me again why I decided to do my own tiling? Ah yes, that would be as a result of the unfortunate experience a couple of years back when we were left in the lurch with a re-plumbed, but completely untiled bathroom. After many weeks of failing to find a tiler who would actually turn up and who wasn’t booked up to the next Millennium, I finally ending up doing it myself.

I think I’d given up all thoughts of finding a tiler by the time we had to pull some of the tiles off in the kitchen during the unexpected cabinet reshuffle, so I just penciled it in as a summer holiday job. (Actually I do that with loads of things every year. Needless to say, most of them never get done.)

Anyway, I have finished phase one: tiles on, grouted and looking luverley. I could tell you that it took ages because there were so many tiles to cut and so many awkward shapes, or perhaps it was because I had to be an amateur contortionist in order to tile around the inside of the old chimney. But the truth is, I think I’m just slow.

Anyway, I have given myself time off to do something more interesting before I start the last section. I may even finish those half-written posts from last week – then you could read about something interesting!

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