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  • 21:13 I confess to being utterly mystified by JS-Kit commenting. I understood Haloscan. Oh well, might be time to move blog platforms. So soon :^( #

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  • And what is JS-Kit?
    I’ve not seen it anywhere… still seem to have Haloscam? (so-called because of the way they sneaked adverts in…)

  • It’s where you get redirected when you try to register a new Haloscan account.

    I like Haloscan for my school blogs, because allowing kids to write stuff to the web *gasp* is a bit outside my school’s comfort zone at the moment, she says, with the gift of understatement.

    With Haloscan I could not only moderate comments, but with a quick html tweak, I could remove the opportunity of homepage links on comments. (Kids linking to their Bebo pages is well outside *my* comfort zone – never mind my school’s!)

    I’m sure that with a bit of research and – ahem – knowledge I could do this with other platforms. Eg I’m using WordPress for my reborn teacher page, but I’m left feeling that if I were geekier, I could make it work soooo much better.

    Anyhoo, new Haloscan accounts are evidently off limits. I hope existing ones don’t follow.

  • Ah, thanks, you’re fast becoming my best source of information.

    Can you require they enter, and save the kids social networking links (so you can look at them for a laugh, erm, I mean professional purposes), but make them not appear on their posts? Now that would be amusing 🙂

  • Oh very good. I think will have to institute a Made TLC Laugh Award for that !