Spooling Mistooks

Oh deer, what can the matter bee? The BBC, once regarded as the home of the Queen’s English, appear to have axed the practice of spelling words correctly. Cutbacks again I guess.

Firstly the hilarious BBC Leicester webpage informed us:

“With a relocation of the Eurostar terminal to London St Pancreas it will make travelling to Paris even quicker.”

This was one of those carefully practised errors that appeared several times on the offending page.
Hmm. Well done BBC.

Then on Newsnight (no less) we have a great big caption containing the word apon.
I’m not normally particularly offended by bad spelling, you do see a lot of it. But this was the BBC. The BBC! The organisation that my parents used to hold up as shining example of linguistic prowess. Ah well, another childhood illusion shattered.

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