That was the year that was: April 2007

April flies past alarmingly quickly. S & P get married and we have a great time at their big day relaxing and catching up with old friends. This is a big occasion for another reason: we also finally get to hear P play the sax; it was worth waiting for, he’s excellent. I spend the first half of the Easter holiday from school intending to do many great and interesting things and the second half wondering where all the time went. Maybe I was more stressed out by Ofsted than I thought, because I certainly seemed to spend the holidays in a state of limbo. Back at school, I seem to spend every waking moment in a colleague’s office as we moderate/remark coursework.

I finally manage to book a hotel for our planned trip to Angouleme to watch the Tour de France. I’ve been trying to do this since the route was announced in September. The hotel doesn’t look that great, but it is certainly cheap and represents a step up from the take a tent/sleep in the car plan.

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