That was the year that was: December 2007

December is ushered in to a wail of “I’ll never get it done in time!” I enjoy my French course and I enjoy my job, but it would be nice to have time to do other things: maybe I could enjoy a relaxed conversation with Mr TLC or even chill out with a glass of wine. I started the course purely for personal interest, but I seem to be drowning in work. Again. I am only trying to complete half as much work in a year that a full time university student would do, but I am trying to do this during a couple of evenings of lectures and a few hours study at the weekend (when I can spare the time from school work); it’s not working. Urgent action is required. I drop the course. I think I’ll still do a French module next term, but it’s time to stop doing everything at 100 miles per hour. I feel incredibly guilty as I e-mail my tutors to inform them of my drop-out status, but also incredibly relieved.

Term grinds on to the bitter end, about as late before Christmas as we can get. Then suddenly it’s time to feast on TV, Christmas dinner, more TV and generally chill out. It’s also time to catch the annual Christmas cold. Bah humbug. We have a family wedding to attend this week, so it’s the ideal time to acquire a nose that is redder than Rudolph’s.

I look back in amazement, another year gone. Where does all the time go?

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