The Three Legged Cat

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  • Elizabeth

    Hi-My Cat Blanco is at the vet right now getting his front paw cut off. He’s 16 years old and has been with me since he was just a kitten, when a neighbor moved and threw him out the car window as they drove away. He has cancer on the bottom of the pad in his front paw and it is spreading up his leg. I am very worried about the surgery, since he is such an old cat, but I’m hoping he’ll have several more happy years with us as a three-legged cat.

  • Lois Lindemann

    I’m sure you are worried – but my cat recovered and adapted amazingly quickly. There are lots of other similar stories in the comments on these posts: Life with a 3 legged cat and Advice for 3 legged cats.

    Very best wishes – I hope everything goes well!