I can only conclude that the person who made this has never met a three-legged cat:


Even our cat-phobic neighbour fell under the spell of the furry menace once he only had three legs. Unfortunate? Certainly. But most definitely ad-awww-able.

Tripod Bella

Welcome to the League of Three Legged Cats: Bella.

She may be three-legged, but she’s pretty good at typing 😉

A good question

Earlier today someone arrived here via this Google search:

Is a three-legged cat still a quadruped?

Interesting question. The answer seemed obvious at first, but it has led to some mildly silly debate between Mr TLC and myself.

Any answers?

Three Legs Good, Five Legs Bad

Three-legged cats are not as rare as people think, but a five legged cat must surely be unique.

A family in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania found a five legged cat living wild and have managed to catch her and take her to a local animal shelter. Two of this cat’s legs are totally redundant: she has one […]

Life with a Three Legged Cat

Three legged cats aren’t as unusual as you might think.

At first, a three legged cat will need a lot of care: but that’s true of any animal (or any person come to that) who is recovering from major surgery. Once the wounds have started to heal, the cat is ready to get back to […]

It's Supercat!

If you are a maths teacher with a class that you would like to wind up ever so slightly, you could ask a “How many legs?” type mental maths question that involves a three legged cat. Here goes:

I was watching TV with some friends and my cats.* There were six heads and fifteen legs […]

Advice for Three Legged Cats

Should you become a three legged cat you will still be able to enjoy your pampered cat lifestyle. Here is some advice for the newly three-legged cat:

1. Prepare to become a local legend

Everybody loves three legged cats. Absolutely everybody. Even the man next door who didn’t like you at all when you had […]

The Tale of the Three Legged Cat (Part I)

In the summer of 1992 I was given two beautiful black kittens. They were litter mates and at first I couldn’t tell them apart, but they were very different. One was a loving cuddly kitten, a bit perturbed at being placed in new surroundings, but instantly as devoted to us as we were to him. […]

The Three Legged Cat

Black Cat, White Christmas

Black Cat

White Christmas

No snow? Why not make your own? Either make an animated snowflake or make and send a snowflake. (Thanks to Ms Caven’s blog for the links) […]