Three Legs Good, Five Legs Bad

Three-legged cats are not as rare as people think, but a five legged cat must surely be unique.

A family in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania found a five legged cat living wild and have managed to catch her and take her to a local animal shelter. Two of this cat’s legs are totally redundant: she has one leg that grows out of the side of her body, her rear left leg is deformed so she walks on just three legs. The vets at the shelter plan to amputate both the damaged rear leg and the extra leg, so the cat, named Baby Girl, will become a member of the Three-Legged Cat Club.

An amputation is a major operation, but since she is already only using three of her five legs, she shouldn’t find it too difficult to adapt to life as a tripod.

There is lots of interest in her story and her progress, I hope that leads to someone offering to adopt her: three-legged cats are gorgeous. And no more difficult to look after than four legged ones.

1 comment to Three Legs Good, Five Legs Bad

  • Christy

    That very familiar, I have a five-legged cat also. It’s extra leg is connected to it’s hind leg though.