Did the Earth move for you?

Woah, that was a bit exciting!

Normally I would be fast asleep at 1 am, but tonight, well I believe I may blame TMB (too much beer) for causing a late night .

But at least I didn’t miss it this time.

“I hope that’s the helicopter!” said Mr TLC, as we felt the first sense that something wasn’t right. That sense of an approaching vibration that you get when the police helicopter arrives and then hovers directly overhead, only without the helicopter noise.

“Nope, that’s an earthquake,” I responded, somewhat overconfidently, as the house, everything on the shelves and the furniture all went DRRRRRRRRRRRRRR as the vibrations shook us around for a few moments. Then everything returned to normal, just as rapidly as the odd shaking sensation had appeared.

I have to admit that years ago, when I was still working in engineering, I experienced an earthquake but didn’t realise it at the time. I was working in an office whose outer wall also supported the enormous girders that supported a crane. Consequently the whole building shook several times a day – every time the crane was used. So on that particular occasion I never noticed that there had been an earthquake. Everyone else in Sheffield did, but not me. Oops.

If the words earthquake, 3.5 and Richter scale are included in tomorrow’s local news then I will feel extremely smug.

If however no-one else noticed it then I will feel extremely foolish and say “That Moonshine is a bit strong isn’t it?” Hic.

2 comments to Did the Earth move for you?

  • Watching the news this morning:
    earthquake – check
    Richter scale – check
    3.5 – sorry that should have been 5.3

    Can I pretend that 3.5 was a typo? No? Oh well, I’m no expert, 3.5 was just a guess.

    On a slightly different note:
    Where on earth did the BBC dig up the idiotic eyewitness who was featured on Breakfast News saying “The first thing we thought was terrorism”. For goodness sake.

  • TMB on a school night????

    Sorry, I’m jealous – here I am, living on a fault line and still not experiencing an earthquake. There you are, living in the middle of a “plate”.

    Maybe I should drink more beer :^)